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Posting Guidelines

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Content Types & Topics

What to write

All the submitted articles must present original and relevant contents, in the following topic categories:

Forma Features & Plugins: describe features, plugins, events or other contentsrelated to forma.lms and forma.association

Elearning trends & technologies: describe market trends, methodologies, best practices or other themes relevant for the elearning sector.

Case Studies: explain a real use case of Forma LMS to show some best practice, methodology, feature.

Press Releases: a brief communication about events, news, awards or similar, related to forma lms or elearning events. This category is reserved to company members.

How to write

 Be Original: your articles must not contain rehashed, or reconstituted content, or material that is too similar to a prior submission.

Be Positive: we want our articles to be helpful and supportive. Please don’t submit biased or negative reviews and comparisons about any product, company, individual, or group.

Be Fair: don’t promote unethical or illegal activities, business practices or create a less-than-optimum user experience. Articles must not contain controversial or illegal content.

Write in good english: Must be drafted in good English, which includes good grammar, punctuation and spelling.


Promotional Contents

Only company members and sponsors of the forma.association can submit articles describing or referring to own commercial services, products or initiatives, and press releases concerning private events.

Commercial articles not directly related to forma lms will be limited to a maximum 1 per month, and 3 per year for each company member (limits don’t apply to press releases).

Article Format

  • Minimum article Length: 750 words. This is required for optimal SEO results.
  • Image ratio 16:9, i.e. 820x460, 1280x720 px
  • Organize content in paragraphs, using headings and lists for better readability and SEO performance.

Copyright & Disclaimer


The author should be the copyright owner for the submitted article contents.

Images must be royalty and copyright free

Authors will be directly liable for any copyright infringement


The editorial staff and the association board reserves the right to reject or remove any submitted content at its incontestable discretion, in any moment and without any communication due to the content author.

Contents competing with the Forma Lms and Forma Association aims and interests will be rejected.

Publishing Process

Publishing Steps

  1. Submit: write and edit your articles as drafts, and once you are ready just set the "published" status.
  2. Review: we will review your articles and schedule their publishing in the appropriate category. If something is wrong the article will be set as “Rejected” and you will still be able to edit and submit it again
  3. Publish: We will check your submitted article and, if needed, edit it for grammar and syntax, and make small adjustments to improve SEO and readability.

Schedule and Priority

  • Scheduling: The editorial staff will set the publishing date and priority for articles. Articles submitted by association members will always take precedence over articles submitted by free registered users.

  • Featured Articles: featured articles will have prominent visibility on the formalms.org blog and homepage, and will be included with community newsletter. Only articles submitted by company members will be eligible for featuring.


The Forma Lms project is driven by the community of its adopters, organized in the forma.association

Become a member to support the project and make your opinion count: join the association now!


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