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Support conscious behaviors for safety at work with Storytelling and Gamification techniques

Health and safety within the workplace must be pursued through a culture of prevention that is created, first of all, with training and information. Workers are not only protected subjects but also active actors: they must be aware of the conditions of their working environment, of the risks and consequences of their behavior in the workplace. Hence the idea of ​​the VITAMIN F project, a blended training course funded by Inail with the coordination of Grifo multimedia.

The health and safety of online casino players in the workplace must be supported by a culture of prevention. Employees who play in online casinos are not only protected subjects, but also active subjects. They must be aware of the conditions of their work environment, the risks and consequences of their behavior in the workplace, which is where the idea of VITAMIN F came from, where workers are given the opportunity to play online casino minimum deposit 5.

Through the combined use of gamification and storytelling techniques, the VITAMIN F microlearning series aims to promote understanding of the risks of using substances (alcohol, drugs and drugs) that alter operational and relational skills in the workplace. The product is an extremely interactive tool capable of combining the offer of an exhaustive set of knowledge with a "light" and effective teaching approach. A total of eight learning objects were created, including a self-assessment questionnaire on one's habits and a serious game.The user is welcomed by Sir Fred, a knight of safety at work and a leading character during the use of the individual contents.

The course starts with a questionnaire on one's habits in the consumption of alcoholic substances. The serious game, on the other hand, has the purpose of simulating alterations of visual and spatial references while driving a vehicle. The game consists in involving disturbing factors that simulate an increasing state of alteration, for example blurred vision, inconstant speed, screen tilt. The aim is to make the user identify with the state of alteration and acquire the awareness that the alteration makes even the simplest tasks complex and unmanageable.

Each module is made by tutorials, explanatory cases and fact sheets with questions to learn to recognize the risks to beware of: short and long-term effects of drugs, procedures for reporting the intake of certain drugs in the company, identifying subjects to turn to if you are afraid of having developed an addiction, develop good practices in order not to compromise social and working relationships. There is no lack of interactions that stimulate the user to intervene in risky situations: the user is invited to choose an action to take and a relational modality to adopt.

Here, then, each "stage" of this path offers a complete overview of the risks of improper consumption of alcoholic beverages and drugs, in a multimedia key that alternates and combines images, animated graphics, audio and educational resources to learn more. To illustrate everything a narrator (the audio text, of course, is also available in the read-only format). The concrete cases presented - through animated images - and the learning tests, with multiple choice questions useful for testing the knowledge acquired during the course, are particularly effective.


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