TE - Text Entry: Multiple alternatives

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TE - Text Entry: Multiple alternatives

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Suggestion 1:

In "TE - Text Entry" question type, only one alternative can be added to the answer list. Therefore, questions like
  • What ----- is your new car?
cannot be formed because "color", "colour", and "make" are acceptable options. It would be wonderful to have additional fields for other correct alternatives in this question type. This option is available in Moodle and H5P, among others.

One might say that this question can be formed by using Multiple Choice; however, I try to create online IELTS tests in FormaLMS and TE is essential in almost all sections, especially the listening section where several alternative answers are possible.

Suggestion 2:

Again in TE, the length of the blank is equal to the length of the option. This makes is easy for students to guess which word or phrase to type in. It should be possible to determine (as in Chamilo) the length of the blank while designing the question.

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