Docebo - Adobe Connect Integration

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Docebo - Adobe Connect Integration

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Grifomultimedia has developed an integration module between Docebo and the virtual classroom Adobe Connect Pro.
Virtual classroom allows you to manage online synchronous learning, simulating the teacher's activity in a traditional classroom .

Some of the services offered by the integration are as follows:

1) Configuration of the virtual classroom through the Docebo administrative panel

2) Single Sign On between Docebo and Connect;

3) Creation, correction and deletion of virtual classroom;

4) Mailing notifications to registered users;

4) Display of virtual classrooms integrated into the standard features "Calendar" Docebo.
You always see clearly which are the commitments that involve you;

5) The possibility to view the recordings of virtual classrooms as free access course materials

6) Reporting built on:

• Participation in classroom

• Responses to the surveys carried out during the session course

7) Possibility to join the classroom through the use of a mobile device integrated within the plug-in Docebo Mobile
Michele D'Agostino
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