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Microlearning: planning training pills with Forma Lms!

Today we present LOTIFY, one of the first - and most interesting - plugins for Forma Lms, with which it will be even easier to apply methodologies and concepts of microlearning to your training projects.

What is microlearning

For some time now, there has been a tendency to divide training courses into blocks, but micro-learning is certainly one of the most popular approaches today for those doing training.
The level of attention decreases more and more rapidly: the overabundance of information available everywhere and at any time, thanks above all to the widespread diffusion of mobile devices, facilitates the distraction and the shift of interest towards the sources that can provide us with the information more quickly which we need.

Microlearning is a short and focused learning pill (often 3-5 minutes, or even shorter), designed to meet a specific learning goal.

Why microlearning

Advantages for the user

It is a user-centered approach, which provides just-in-time training available on multiple devices (tablets and smartphones, as well as desktops and laptops). These aspects ensure that learning is easily accessible at all times, quickly completed with greater satisfaction, and applied contextually to the performance of one's work.

Advantages for organizations

It goes without saying that even for organizations this type of approach has a certain convenience, especially in terms of:

  • reduction of costs and time of development-delivery-updating of training pills;
  • wide versatility: they offer the flexibility to be used individually or, more often, as integral parts of a series of more complex courses.
  • high impact: since they aim to achieve a specific training objective, they contribute to creating a high impact as users learn exactly what they need.

Why microlearning applied to e-learning

When applying microlearning to the design of an e-learning course , one more step is taken: the objective of providing “ready-to-use” training is further enriched by the possibility of actively involving the user and verifying their real understanding content, making the prospect of enabling it to use and retain the information received even more likely.

What do you do with LOTIFY

lotify logo fw1


With this Forma Lms plugin you can plan the release of your training pills according to the "schedule" that seems most appropriate to you.

For example, if you plan to launch your new product line , you can send pills to your sales staff to present them in time for their release.

Or, in a blended classroom-online course , you can schedule the publication of teaching materials that you don't want to show until a certain date.

But we don't just limit ourselves to planning!


What is even more interesting is the possibility to notify the release of the materials:

  • with an email
  • with an sms

The sms, even if it seems "old", is a very powerful tool: it certainly arrives (as opposed to Whatsapp or similar messages) and in any case it may contain links .
The user who receives it will be able to enter the course and the didactic object directly, starting from the link found in the text message.

In this way, the redemption of your courses will certainly be enhanced!

And now?

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want to know more!

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