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Forma 4: First Beta available for download

And so the long awaited, shiny, brand new Forma 4 if finally here! 

Still in beta stage yes, but pretty stable so we expect the final release to be very very close. This new mayor release features mainly code and database improvements, introducing new technologies and core features that will be the base for a faster growth of you favourite LMS platform.

Here’s a summary of the main changes brought with the new package:

  • Improved - PHP 8.1 Compatibility has been implemented to grant better code performances and let Forma run on modern servers. PHP 7.4 is now a minimum requirement for older servers. Plus, many other extensive changes and refactorings: removed old docebo class names, improved user serialization, added namespaces, and more.
  • Improved - Database structure and consistency have been highly optimized introducing new indexes, cleaning old unused or redundant keys and tables, normalizing collations, and more.
  • New - Unified Installer/Upgrader: the install and upgrade component has been rewritten from scratch in a single unified component. The new procedure is based on the Doctrine ORM Migrations
  • New - User Selector: the core component used to list and select users and orgchart nodes in most assignment features has been rewritten for better usability and maintenance. This a huge step in getting rid of old legacy code inherited by docebo (i.e. the YUI framework), and the starting point for a next global UX and UI redesign of many other components on the administrative side. The new component is already implemented in several features and will be progressively extended to all the platform.
  • New - Multi SMTP management has been implemented to allow for sending emails from different domains
  • Improved - Multi Domain Management has been refactored and moved from general setting to a dedicated configuration page
  • Improved - Template has been refreshed with a slight restyling on the user side, with a significant optimization of CSS color classes and and a more consistent use of svg icons sitewide. Plus we are working with accessibility experts to improve visually impaired user experience.

And, of course, many many more minor fixes and improvements.


Upgrading from previous versions

With the global database optimizations and the complete refactoring of the installation and upgrade component, the new upgrade process makes use of the migration technology based on the Doctrine ORM.

Upgrading to Forma 4 will be only possible starting from version 3.3.5 3.3.10. If you need to upgrade from previous version you’ll need to upgrade to version 3.3.5 3.3.10 first, and then to Forma 4. An external legacy upgrade component is planned to be released to manage direct upgrades from previous versions.

Forma 4 Beta is available for download for all association members: please TEST TEST TEST to help us releasing the final version asap!


We won't provide any support or patches for beta releases, and we can't assure upgrade compatibility with upcoming releases




What’s Next? Plans for the next Forma 5

Forma 4 is still being released, but we are already working for the next step: now that the core code has been largely modernized, we are designing the next Forma 5 planning huge improvements on the user experience and user interface side, possibly involving some power users and the whole community. Stay tuned!


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