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LTI: Integrating Forma with Other Elearning Systems

Today a new adventure for Forma LMS begins: the development team has analyzed and designed the implementation of the LTI standard, an important step forward that will make Forma even greater and more "open".

 This new feature will allow you to integrate your platform with other e-learning systems; in particular, you'll be able to use learning objects or entire courses hosted on other platforms.

After learning objects refactoring, after the plugin's implementation for integration with H5P (which is complete and will be released shortly, after the last tests are carried out), this new evolution will once again confirm the modernity and "enterprise" vocation of your 1 deposit casino nz.com favorite LMS.

What is it and what is it for?

The “LTI” technology (Learning Tools Interoperability®) is an interoperability standard between e-learning platforms developed by IMS - Global Learning Consortium. It establishes rules, protocols, and ways in which different platforms can integrate by exchanging materials and services.

 With this new feature, Forma further opens up to the world: while the powerful APIs and I / O Tasks are already available and enhanced in the latest releases allow you to integrate the platform with other management and business applications to automate data exchange or centralize user authentication, with LTI you can infinitely expand your educational resources by connecting to the e-learning platforms of many content and service providers.

How does it work?

The traded assets, which in the LTI standard are defined as "tools," are hosted on a platform that acts as a "Tool Provider," but delivered on another platform called "tool consumers."

By integrating this standard on Forma, your platform will be able to act as a "Tool Consumer." Thus, you will be able to directly access resources that are actually found on other compatible platforms: users will be able to use these materials exactly as it happens for learning objects which are normally created on Forma, without noticing the difference (no login or anything else). The original platform will take care of delivery and tracking, communicating the completion status of the objects to your Forma installation.

 But this is only the first step: once the “consumer” LTI standard has been integrated, we can then extend it with the “provider” functions that will also allow you to sell your courses and services to other platforms while maintaining control.

Help us make it happen

The implementation of LTI is quite complex but will bring a lot of value to the project; this is why forma.association has decided to finance 50% of the development. The road to achieving LTI is now much shorter, but it is not yet complete and we need your small contribution in order to raise the missing budget:

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