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A Platform that Grows with You

As seen in previous articles, Forma already does, natively, many strategic things for any Digital Academy. Yet, what happens when you have to implement custom mechanisms or functionalities to support your proprietary methodology, or some specific requirement pertaining to your sector?

That's where plugins come into play, that is features that integrate and extend Forma: there are ready-made plugins you can just buy and install, or you can have them tailored to your purposes. This possibility should, however, not be taken for granted: proprietary platforms normally sold in "saas" mode do not allow this type of flexibility, and when your DA project grows in a way that you had not initially even imagined, or your market evolves in an unexpected way by presenting you with new opportunities to be promptly seized, you'll risk getting stuck and having to start over, or losing ground in comparison to your competitors. In short, this extensibility could prove vital.

 1. Commercial Plugins

Ready-made features that you just need to install and start using in a few clicks. Then, if you want, you can further evolve and customize them, but you'll already have an excellent starting point to save time and money. A few examples? Take a look at the plugins for forma lms made by Forma Farm.

2. Custom Plugins

If you have special needs and you just can't find something that already meets your need, then it's possible to implement custom plugins. In the past, for instance, we've implemented different types of tailor-made reporting.

Maintenance and Upgrade: the Invisible Bonus

The modular architecture allows you to extend the technological “core” of you platform without directly modifying it. The advantage of this architecture goes far beyond the value of the features you'll add: it also means that, while you add new features, you can continue to update and maintain the original application, constantly evolved by the community.

Considering the speed with which the web applications are updated (Forma releases on average 3 cumulative updates per year), this actually translates into a simpler and cheaper maintenance for the entire system. This direct cost saving could really make the difference in the medium-long term.

How do You Create a Digital Academy?

Forma LMS can really do a lot to help you create your Corporate Digital Academy: it's a path full of challenges that touches various and often distant areas, skills, markets: technology, organization, marketing, content, methodologies ...

We have prepared a map to guide you through all these aspects: after many years of experience and many DA created together with our customers, here is a small free ebook, a "practical guide by goals" that summarizes and synthetically organizes all the important things you need to know and do to build your successful Corporate Digital Academy.


For your convenience and comfort, choose only perpetual AutoCAD 2017 LT license which will always be at hand!

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